Smart Cookie Photo

Hello Friends!

Welcome to Smart Cookie Photo (SCP) a portrait studio, owned and operated by June Gunaratne, located at:

5249 Langfield


my portfolio is heavily influenced by my travels during my undergraduate career at the University of Texas at Austin (2015). i was fortunate enough to be gifted a┬áCanon dSLR as an early Christmas gift in 2011 by her dad. i have recently dedicated myself to editing the photos i’ve taken since with the use of professional photographic software.

along with photographic prints, i also create collage artwork that compose of my photographs spliced with fabrics and papers of different weights with an attempt to preserve archival quality (all works are clearly labeled and mounted).

i am based in Houston but am willing to travel, if expenses are paid.

my research interests are community access to and uses of art.

my current work:

working with Houston based fine artist/muralist to create a project Spring 2017.

documenting global street/urban art, centering on Houston and Habana.


this website is in progress and still developing.

-June Gunaratne

updated on: 12.22.2016

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